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Industries we serve

Aside from working one one one with individual investors, we also provide solutions to real estate agents, financial planners, accountants, brokers, solicitors and property providers, and developers.

Real Estate Agents

We have the right property in the right location for the property investor that has just come in your door looking for something in the next suburb, or in the next state.  You retain the client, and we provide the opportunity.


We are not marketers who take on entire projects and try to sell each unit within a development; we pick and choose our stock. If you believe your property is well above average, we would love to have a look. We also have access to many land vendors with stock off-market keen to either sell or enter a joint venture.

Financial Planners

We do all the work. Provide us with the exact parameters of your client’s needs, and we will provide options for you to present to your client that fall within their budget. We can also speak to your clients if desired.

Property Marketer

Do you have a client with a particular need? Been searching for a while but cannot find the solution?  We have relationships with an astounding number of developers and builders. We will provide you with the property and work with the provider while you maintain the relationship with your client.

The Sale Process

We track the sale from EOI to settlement.

We know you are busy. We will provide you with all the information your client will require to make an informed decision, and we will ensure all documents, plans, inclusions and specifications are unbranded so that they may be immediately passed on. We will work pro-actively on your behalf throughout the sale and settlement process, and provide regular updates and information for your clients.  

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