National Disability Insurance Scheme Housing

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This is a small sample of our currently available investment apartments for sale. 
Assuming a criteria of combined income of $120,000, single income of $100,000, or equity in your own home, these properties demonstrate the approximate benefits to purchase and hold. Some of our list may be purchased as a single contract, therefore suitable for SMSF. Please contact us for details.


Typical NDIS House render

NDIS Housing

From $410,000

1 Bed, 1 Bath,  1 Car & 2 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Car

Lady in wheelchair inside her house

Frequently Asked Questions

The Federal Act was developed in 2013 inline with the UN Convention on the Rights of persons with disabilities. 
The NDIS began rolling out in 2016. It is a big scheme and it takes time to successfully roll out Nationally.  

The NDIS rolled out across QLD in January 2019. 

The Australian Federal Government has committed $700,000,000 per annum to fund tenants in Specialist Disability Accommodation alone. 

20 years, after which the funding will be reduced but still be more than market rent. 

Specialist Disability Accommodation –designed specifically for those with high level care needs to assist with the transition out of nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and ageing parents’ homes. 

Promoting independence and choice for those who have had no options for accommodation in the past due to their disability.  

Nationally the government research shows us that 60,000 people need SDA.

6,000 of those are young people inappropriately housed in aged care, and that figure grows by 50 people every week. 

Yes, however SDA  Homes present the first opportunity to private investors.

To date there have been several large corporations investing billions into SDA as they see the huge potential gains.

Most of your income will be from the SDA (government) funding, but the tenants also have to pay a reasonable rental contribution which has been set at approximately 25% of the disability pension. 

We specialise in finding investment properties to suit all budgets and investment objectives. With access to properties across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, we can source a wide range of apartments and units, both off-plan and complete. So, if you’re looking for a quality investment property, contact us today.

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