Townhouses and Villas

A small selection of investment townhouses and villas from our current availability

Please note the website is being updated and the samples of Townhouses will be added shortly

This is a small sample of our currently  available properties. 
Assuming a criteria of combined income of $120,000, single income of $100,000, or equity in your own home, these properties demonstrate the approximate benefits to purchase and hold. Some of our list may be purchased as a single contract, therefore suitable for SMSF. Please contact us for details.

$136 Cashflow Positive per week

Profile 10002 dual occupancy with 1 carport

Dual Occupancy

41km north of Brisbane CBD


4+1 Bed, 2+1 Bath, 1+1 Car

$150 Cashflow Positive per week

Profile 10001 dual occupancy with a double and single garage

Dual Occupancy

35km south of Brisbane CBD


3 + 2 Bed,  2 + 1 Bath,  2 + 1 Car

$12,000 below Valuation





2 Bed, 2 Bed, 1 Car

Pros and Cons for Townhouse

We specialise in finding investment townhouses and villas to suit all budgets and investment objectives. With access to properties across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, we can source a wide range of townhouses and villas. So, if you’re looking for a quality investment property, contact us today.

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